Campaign Platform

Taxation: Fiscally conservative state spending has continued to decrease as the burden on the taxpayer's wallet has steadily increased. I believe we need strong conservative leadership in Austin to reign in the current spending spree that our elected officials seem to be priding themselves on.

Gun Rights: As a law-abiding citizen, I am constitutionally guaranteed the right to own firearms without government interference and infringement. With that being said, I strongly support Constitutional Carry. In fact, the way Constitutional Carry was handled in the 86th Legislative Session acted as the match to the fuse in motivating me to take a stand and enter this race. It is my belief that we do not need Austin Elitists telling me how and when I can defend myself and my family.

Border Security: I believe we need more boots on the ground, better technology, and more miles of physical barriers along our southern border. Our state’s border must be protected and secured due to its importance in maintaining our nation’s security. Additionally, securing the Texas border would ease the backlog many immigration courts currently face. That would allow those that follow the proper legal channels the ability to obtain citizenship. The citizens of this great state deserve more than just a band-aid fix. They deserve a permanent solution to this issue that is plaguing Texas. Without a secure border, how can we expect to enforce the established rule of law?

Education: In my opinion, the key to quality education is the ability of a teacher to instruct their students without prohibiting innovation. Tying education to standardized test scores and those test scores to funding was and is a mistake by the bureaucracy in Austin. Texas' overburdensome regulations force teachers to teach cookie-cutter curriculum out of fear of failure. The state’s one-size-fits-all approach to curriculum does not work for every child. We need to get back to basics: putting parents, teachers, and students at the center of education.

Health Care and Health Insurance: I believe the government should take a hands-free approach to the healthcare system. The inability of our elected officials to pass common-sense legislation to alleviate the burden on the average family only proves their inefficiency. I have been in the trenches and have seen the results of Obamacare in action with patients in the ER and within my own family. Texas should be doing more to push back against the Federal overreach and allow fellow Texans to be self-sufficient. The Federal Government works for the States, not the other way around. Too many legislators seem to have forgotten this critical fact.

Abortion: I oppose abortion except for instances of rape and incest and even in those cases I believe that counseling, adoption and other alternatives must be first made available to the mother.

Marijuana: I believe marijuana when distributed by the medical community, should be treated like any other prescription drug. Decriminalization of marijuana would certainly reduce the burden on both the court system and the taxpayer.


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