About Rhonda Seth and her Campaign Platform

Rhonda Seth grew up in Angleton, Texas, and graduated in 1995 as the Senior Class President.

After graduating from Brazosport College, Rhonda ran a small business, teaching Taekwondo to the families of her community. While working full time Rhonda achieved her goal of completing nursing school. She graduated near the top of her class as an RN and soon found her way into the emergency room. As an ER nurse, she sees much of what is wrong with our society and our health care system. Too often, government overreach and interference are to blame for both.

In 2011, Rhonda married her friend of twenty years, Thomas, and together they have two young sons. The family attends Willow Drive Baptist Church and have made Lake Jackson their home.

Rhonda describes herself as an independent conservative. Her strong principles and Texas values mean that she's willing to stand alone to do what's right - including stepping into the political arena to take on an ineffective establishment. No one in the political establishment can move her from doing what's best for her family and her fellow Texans.

Campaign Platform

Spending and Taxation: when taxes are required from us, it's because money was spent by the government, and that spending must be funded. Government tries to make us feel guilty for questioning whether the money should be spent. We need to turn that around and make the government feel guilty for spending so much that they now require more of the money we need for our families. They spend the money without a care in the world and then expect all of us to bend over backwards to cover their every expense.

Border Security: the Texas border must be protected and secure. I don't understand why this is even controversial, and I certainly don't understand why Texas, after years of Republican leadership, has a record number of illegals coming across our border.

Gun Rights: the federal government has no business telling Texans how to manage our guns. As a law-abiding citizen, I should be allowed to own any weapon I choose without government permission or registration.

Education: the definition of a great education is when a great teacher employs a great curriculum to a receptive student. We've gotten away from this and made it about standardized testing and we've allowed administrative bloat. We need to get back to basics, putting parents and teachers and students at the center of education. Standardized testing DOES NOT WORK as a measure of a studentís knowledge and has done more to damage our education system in our state.

Health Care and Health Insurance: the government should remove its very expensive and inefficient presence from as much of the health care and health insurance industries as possible. Rhonda has seen the results of Obamacare from the trenches and in her own family. Texas should be doing more to push back against this travesty.

Abortion: I oppose abortion except for instances of rape and incest... and even in those cases I believe that counseling, adoption and other alternatives must be first made available to the mother.

Marijuana: when distributed by the medical community, marijuana should be treated like any other prescription drug. Decriminalization of marijuana would certainly reduce the burden on both the court system and the taxpayer.

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